Friday, August 22, 2008

Friendly meighbourhood Superheroes!

Starting from next weekend, I'm gonna do a comic strip of sorts (not DRAW it) and I'll try my level best to update it every weekend (unless of course, the sky falls down on which case reading/updating the blog won't be high on the list of priorities for anyone!).

On that bombshell, let me introduce you to our 3 friendly neighborhood superheroes who are always ready to lend a helping hand (or shamelessly ask for one!)...I present to you...


Stronger than the strongest...err...strong man, Cave-man is masculinity personified beyond belief! When he's not spending time at the gym working out or sleeping (or eating...a lot...of anything...even if it doesn't look edible...), he's almost always trying to impress the opposite sex. And boy oh the girls love him or what (...mostly the ones who want a pet Yetti or a very very hairy dog...)!

Weapon of Choice:
a) A bark of wood
b) Fruity Fart (sounds sweet...I can assure you, it is anything but!!)

Theme Song:
Very similar to the Bird-Man theme. For those of you who are not very familiar with this, hit this link and hear how they say..."Biiiiiiird-Man!". Replace the Biiiiiiird with Caaaaave...and voila! A theme that will send shivers down the spine of /any/ rodent! OKAY?
Note: Cave-Man does not have any of those cool gadgets or rays or any other stuff you see in that video; Just raw, pure...manly strength (and stench!).


Looks can be deceptive. Strength is only fur deep. If ever anyone wanted a better example for these 2 very famous quotes (the 2nd one /IS/ famous...I promise you!!)...look no further than Hamster-boy! What he lacks in terms of sheer muscle/strength, he MORE than makes up with his awesomely powerful...ummm...err...buck-tooth! Yes! Those 2 small, insignificant, totally unintimidating but SHARP teeth of his can cause a LOT OF your vegetables and fruits. And as you can see, he works out too...OKAY? It's just that it doesn'

Weapon of Choice:
a) Power-Run (he can EASILY out-run the enemies chasing him!)
b) Power-Bite (If those sharp teeth of his strike your better run to the nearest get some deodrant...because his saliva stinks!)

Theme Song:
He refused to pay his PR agency...and so, atleast for now, our beloved Hamster-boy doesn't have a theme. But he'll have one...soon...hopefully!

The Sloth!

Yea...that's right, be V E R Y afraid; he's a sloth and you're not! Exceptionally calm, cool and collected, The Sloth will never anything...ever.Period. Some call him lazy, some call him extremely lazy and some are actually demanding that the word lazy be removed from our dictionaries and be replaced with The Sloth. But little to these tiny humans know, that The Sloth nothing. But that doesn't mean he's useless okay? He can /ACT/ as if he has super powers and that's MORE than enough to scare most insects away! So who's stupid now hah?

Weapon of Choice:
a) NoThInGnEsS™ (Whoever thought doing NOTHING would be this powerful!)
b) Hyper-Sleep (Drop a bomb, piss on his face...he won't budge from his nap. Now THAT'S dedication and perseverance of a superhero for you!)
c) Yes...he has a 3rd weapon! The CLAAW (with 2 A's...he was told it'll bring him good luck!). With this weapon, he uses his claws to scratch off all the ticks/lies and other creatures off of his body and onto yours...all this, while sleeping!!

Theme Song:
While other superheroes have elaborate songs that praise them and their super-powers, The Sloth believes in taking a minimalist approach. That's originality for you I say! Kudos to The Sloth!

Together, these three form the Terribly Trepid Three! TTT!

Tune in for the adventures of
TTT!™...hopefully every weekend!

TTT!™ ...Why so stupid?©

*NOTICE: Any resemblance to any person living, dead, soon to die, in the process of dying or to-be-born is purely coincidental. The author of this blog will not take responsibility for any damage caused to your reputation (or increase in how much you get teased/ragged) as a result of this blog.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bachna Ae Haseeno

I saw a hindi movie after a long time yesterday and I haven't written a blog for a while now. And so I decided to write a review of Bachna Ae Haseeno, which after a long wait, I finally got to see yesterday.

Ok, so to keep it short and sweet, here's what I think about the movie:

a) Deepika Padukone is H A W T!

b) Bipasha Basu is stroke inducingly H A W T!

c) Minissha Lamba is "OMFG! The thermometer just burnt to ashes!!" H A W T!

d) Ranbir Kapoor is GHEY. Period. Seriously, he looks like what would come out of mating a recently exhumed corpse (male) and a really aneamic hedgehog (female)...a squint one at that! No, really, nothing you say is going to change it!! And that "side-kick" of his, Sachin...looks like some kind of a rabied dingo, whose hair caught fire while he was trying to shit between the bushes (a bushfire perhaps?)...

e) All 3...Deepika, Bipasha and Minissha Lamba are very HOT! No, ok, wait...I already stated that explicitly for each of them.

So yea, that about sums it up! Atleast that's the reason most guys would/should go watch the movie. But not to disappoint those who thought this would be an ACTUAL review...i'll just briefly sum up the ups and downs of the movie.

The reason my interest in this movie peaked was primarily because of the 2 songs; Aahista Aahista and Khuda Jaane...apart from getting to see Deepika, Bipasha and Minissha that is! For some reason, I find Lucky Ali and Shreya Ghoshal's duet to be simply amazing. Now for the movie's OKAY. While the story in itself isn't good per se, the mere fact that it's something different is reason enough for me to watch it. What I didn't like was the "oh-so-obvious" adversiting for Microsoft throughout the movie. While I can understand Microsoft's Marketing and PR department's plan of using the ultimate medium, bollywood movies, to advertise their products/brand-name to Indians, when I heard/saw Deepika trying "oh-so-hard" to discuss about the XBOX 360...I couldn't help but suck my toes and put either feet in my ears. Oh and trying to get that lil sardar kid to advertise Halo 3...god! Please! MAKE IT STOP! Oh, and I feel the director could have portrayed the "jerk" Raj character (His Gayness Shri Ranbir Kapoor the 16th) in a slightly less crude way. I didn't feel bad seeing what he did to Bipasha and Minissha and the way he did it; I felt like buying a dog and strapping a piece of steak to his underwear...and then maybe run him over with one of these.

*BTW, I think that dog and car are the ONLY things on what we call earth, that're uglier than His Gayness Shri Ranbir Kapoor the 16th!*