Saturday, January 26, 2008

My idea for peace on earth...

You know, I for one think all the gundas in the world should be killed because who likes gundas since they just add more unwanted weight to the earth because of which the earth rotates slower and therefore life as we know it will start coming to a grinding halt and if that happens, who...tell me WHO will replace skunks with bionic, one eyed buffaloes who will freely graze around the earth while running into each other and others (because of their poor vision?) and may accidentally run into a human and thereby causing the human to sue the bionic, one eyed buffalo which in turn will infringe on their rights because of which law as we know it will have to be changed and that change will enable dogs to eat marinated cow dung and live a 1000 years on earth and then later, migrate to Mars or Jupiter or inside a volcano and because of living there for a 1000 years they will start feeding on hot molten lava for breakfast, lunch and dinner and hence the definition of breakfast, lunch and dinner will change and because of the change in definitions, all the dictionary printers/editors would start pulling their hair in misery which in turn will lead to a lot of bald people and this in turn would lead to an increase in the number of road accidents because of the sun/moon/headlights bouncing off the smooth, bald heads and this will in turn lead to more and more automobile companies investing in research and development of safety features and this would eat into their revenues because of which the CEOs salaries would start tumbling down and seeing this other companies will also start reducing their CEOs salaries and as a result of this the CEOs families will realize what leading a "normal" life would be like and therefore there won't be any rich or poor because everyone will have the same standard of life and as a result there would be peace on earth! :D

So yea, get rid of gundas/bad people...and life on earth will be a lot more peaceful!!

P.S: It's all one sentence! :)