Friday, September 26, 2008


I am confused! :|

The first outing!

After a booze party that lasted nearly 3 weeks, our fearsome threesome are back to doing what they do the best! Saving the world from themselves!

Scenario: A fire in just one room in a neighbourhood asylum.

Cave Man: "My bark of wood will catch fire, cross that out. My Fruity Fart will actually vent the fire! Cross that out too. AHA! 3 weeks worth of beer in my belly...I can "piss-out" the fire!...Muhahaha!"

Hamster Boy: "Power-Bite!! I'll nibble at everything in the building, bringing it all down!! I'm sure no one cares if a heap of rubble is burning, instead of the building itself!!"

The Sloth: "Guys, can you please pass me a can or 2 of beer before you'll leave? Thanks!"

Together, the Terribly Trepid Three save the neighbouorhood asylum...kinda...sort of...ummm...atleast they tried?...ish?