Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Poems from the shower - 1

Came up with this in the shower today. It was snowing outside and I had a nasty test later in the evening:

Snow snow don't go away,
A little longer you must stay,
Until you make Prof.Della Torre say,
"It will be a take home test today!"


Monday, December 3, 2007

Toilet thinking

Don't grose out looking at the title (or get excited..if you're the pervy types :p)...

This blog is just dedicated to the act of brainstorming while ridding yourself of bodily wastes. Im surprised i haven't mentioned anything about this before considering the number of times it's happened.

Here I am trying to crack a problem, understand a graph, get to grips with the working of some algorithm/code...and i feel this sudden urge to lose some weight (pun intended)...probably because i ate too much or well...umm...other gastric reasons. And since Im totally "into" what Im doing, I decide to take the book along with me into the shytehouse.

Almost, If not always, it so happens that during the "process" I somehow manage to either crack what I was doing or make some phenomenal breakthrough which helps get rid of doubts/queries in my head.

I dunno how or why...but it happens..a LOT, with me. The only plausible reasoning i can seem to come up with happens to be...throw out the old, make way for the new. Incase you aren't sure what I meant by that, here is a more blunt version: Rid yourself of some sh*t to make way for some brain cells... for me!!