Friday, June 29, 2007

I've been tagged...too!

Here go the eight facts about me (as dictated by the "game" :p)...

Un) I like to keep my hair short; irrespective of the "balding" comments. Ideally, not more than 7mm in length from the scalp to the tip.

*No, i don't measure it...simply because i cannot. A vernier calliper would help..but...*

Deux) I wish, almost every night, that i was born in Germany. I love Germany more than i love my motherland (..don't start that !@#$ about me not being patriotic). I love the culture, language, people, MUSIC, C A R S...AND the fact that they are a bunch of very smart and hardworking people.

Trois) I talk, only when i know i can make a meaningful contribution to the subject OR if im 110% sure of the authenticity/validity of what im sayin. People who BS for the heck of it and start arguments...HATE them.

Quatre) Im pretty understanding and diplomatic. But if I get angry or reach the limit of my patience/tolerance, I can be very curt, rude and hurtful.

*Ripped off from Naru's blog...simply because its SO DAMN TRUE and i couldn't have put it in better words!*

Cinq) Just like Naru, i prefer the simple things in life. LEVIS /OWNS/ Allen Solly ANY DAY of the year. Home cooked food >> fast food/junk > Hi-fi eateries. An this applies to everything...except cars... :p

Six) Oncceee again, atleast more recently, most of my good friends have been females. But, i do consider myself pretty shy when interacting with homo sapiens from the opposite sex.

Sept) Im a perfectionist...of sorts. I used to curse my dad for being the same, although inadvertently i have ended up becoming the same..altho i still have a long way to go before i can be termed a "Robot"!

Huit) I can make up crap...and bizzardly HUMONGOUS amounts of it. From gibberish names to ridiculously ludicrous random theories (and equally insane proof to back it up) CRAP GOD! :D...AND, my arguing skills makes most ALMOST believe what i blurt out! :D

There you go!

Rules of the game:

Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.

People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.

At the end of your post you need to tag people and include their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

I tag Herat, Shweta(again) and Aruna.

P.S: Somehow, after a lotta ppl having told me this repeatedly, im begining to think that infact have a common pool of traits..*-)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

What i've done...

Man, i CANNOT get his song outta my head! As with almost every other LP song (..and most songs that i lisn to)...its just bursting at the seams with meaning. This one, What i've done, a song from their latest album, Minutes to in the usual LP style; hint of hard rock...electronic and amazing flow but cracker of a lyrics. It just describes mankind, the present state of the we are responsible for it and we can never be forgiven for the atrocities we have commited on mother earth and fellow humans alike...splendid stuff! Here are the lyrics:

In this farewell,
There is no blood,
There is no alibi,
Cause I've drawn regret,
From the truth,
Of a thousands lies,
So let mercy come and wash away...

What I've Done,
I'll face myself,
To cross out what I've become,
Erase myself,
And let go of what I've done...

Put to rest,
What you thought of me
While, I clean this slate,
With the hands,
Of uncertainty,
So let mercy come,
And wash away...

What I've Done,
I'll face myself,
To cross out what I've become,
Erase myself,
And let go of what I've done...

For what I've done,
I start again,
And whatever pain may come,
Today this ends,
I'm forgiving what I've done...

I'll face myself,
To cross out what I've become,
Erase myself,
And let go of what I've done...

What I've Done,
What I've Done,
Forgiving what I've done

I highly reccomend you get this song (..those of you you lisn to music that is!).
Google this up to get direct links:
?intitle:index.of? mp3 linkin park - what i've done

And if you can, do get the video of this song..its really good and puts most of the lyrics into perspective.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What they've done... created the biggest monopoly in the world; created a world that voraciously feeds their selfish, capitalistic ideologies; created a world that runs according to their whims and fancies. In short, they've managed to accomplish what Hitler would have sold his eye, kidney, arm, leg and one half of his moustache to achieve.

What am i ranting about?...It's the United States of America, the sole remaining super-power which loves playing G.I.JOE...with the world as its battlefield and its biped inhabitants as pawns.

To be fair, this blog is biased. I am not the biggest fan of the U S of A. Never have i been a fan of this land of self-righteous, hypocritical snobs. Be it their pompous behaviour at the individual level or their "If you ain't American, screw you" attitude on a global scale, America isn't gonna win my vote for anything. And yet, inspite of all of this, in an attempt to make me eat my own words, fate has me heading to this very patch of land on gods green earth...

Now, you'll be asking yourself, why is it that this guy is going on and on about Amreeka?...what has it done to him to earn his wrath? Well, it hasn't done anything to me, directly, as such. But it's done a lot to shape the world i still live in...and shape it to meet its needs and requirements, often at the expense of non-American life. This means everything from staging wars on what seem trivial or capricious grounds at best, on weak foreign orchestrating what seems to be, self-inflicted wounds to bring about a set of changes that further champions Americas cause of "Defending the free world" (read as: Muhahaha, we are soo gonna own you non-Americans...its not funny!). The last point refers to a documentary, "911: Loose Change", which i saw a few days ago. Once again, as with anything coming out from the belly of the U S of A, you have to take it with a pinch of salt..but somehow, i found most (not all) of the evidence shown in the documentary, portraying the 9/11 attacks to be a meticulously planned "theatrical" produced by the Federal government of the U S of A to further its own "AGENDA", to be true. It sounds far fetched, and by all means, it might very well be the figment of a hyperactive, paranoid American imagination, but the proof (and the gob loads of it provided in the documentary) seems to thwart any suggestion of it all being a coincedence. Far too many questions have remained unanswered, far too much has been carried out behind closed curtains in the name of "Homeland security" for all of it to be a coincedence.

Frankly, apart from McDonalds (and the barrage of other fast-food chains that happily pump calories into ur arteries in exchange for your money) and therefore obesity, cosmetic surgery (boob jobs in particular) and bucket loads of fancy 3-letter (sometimes way more) acronyms...FBI,NSS,CIA,IRS and what not, America has given the world NOTHING. If you bother going through wikipedia and other online resources, most of the discoveries/inventions have their roots in Europe, Africa, Asia...anywhere but America. Heck, they have ripped off names of so many other countries/cities to name their own cities!!

What America has been successful in is, luring people from other coutries to its shores with wads of green notes and branding them and their intellect as AMERICAN. And what do they do this for?...running the likes of Microsoft, IBM, NASA, Intel, Accenture, Motorola, AMD and what not. And the irony of it all...their ego wont ever let them acknowledge the fact that America is what it is today purely because of the rest of the world, and not itself. Why else would they reject a prospective MS students VISA because he/she says that he/she intends working in the US after his/her MS?! The VISA in itself is a Vociferous Interview for Spewing Absurd answers conducted by Visually Impared Stupid Arses who cannot understand 3/4th of the documents you give them and hence ask you to repeat its contents over and over again.

God bless America!

Friday, June 15, 2007

How we stopped dreaming...

I remember as a child how i used to run up to the corner of a room, plonk my tiny butt on the floor and empty two buckets of LEGO (im assuming that most of you know what this is) and thats it; the world around me as i knew it, came to a stand still. No hunger, no urge to run to the toilet (although being a lil kid in itself comes with this privilege!)...nothin ever seemed to bother me. It was just the three of us; I, me and myself.

I would spend hours at a stretch, coming up with some whacky contraptions that moved in ways we never even thought possible. Such weird machines, creatures and what not, which were nothing but fruits of my imagination, dreams and creativity...completely uninhibited by the likes of REALITY and FACTS. I could remember an incident, wherein i had made many lil houses and one weird lil contraption sitting next to each house. When i explained all this to my mom, my mother asked me, "But where are the roads to the houses kunju?"..and looking at her face as if she had called a baboon a bus..i sprung up and replied.."No fly..." and demonstrating what i just said using my appendages and generous helpings of sounds, just to be sure that my mother; who is grounded to reality, got what i had made.

It was all so simple back then, i just had to think or dream of something, for it to show in my "work". I wasn't tied down by functions,facts and figures. I could in effect do what came to my mind. Nothing or no one hindered the flow of thoughts being converted to action...whether they made sense or not. I didn't care if people liked/cared about what i did/made. The very fact that i had MADE something that i had THOUGHT of was fulfilling in itself.
But somewhere along the road...things changed...

...I became aware of facts and realities, about what could be done and what couldn't, about how something should be done and how something shouldn't. Slowly but steadily down the line, i didn't have to THINK anymore. I just had to accept what some bearded old fart or some eccentric nut had stated eons ago (whether it made sense to me or not) and try and apply it to problems in todays world, that didn't concern me in the first place. Somewhere down the line, i was told to stop thinking because, people before me had already done all the thinking and i only had to follow what they had come up with. Not only was i encouraged NOT to think on my own, i was actually penalized by my teachers, professors etc for doing so! I remember in one of my exams in lower-secondary school, i had to write an essay about space exploration, since the teacher had just finished a chapter on it. Instead of writing about what the teacher had read out from the text book, i came up with my own version of how stuff worked/should work. Not only did i end up getting a ZERO in the essay, i was lectured at lengths about what i had written made no sense. Why did it make no sense?...because it wasn't in the books.

I wonder which books Newton, Einstein, Faraday or any one of those 10000 guys referred. I wonder where the human race would have stood today, had all their ideas been shot down because "it didn't make sense" to others. I wonder how mankind would have evolved, if every single one of them thought or was made to think in the exact same way.

I don't care about the co-efficient of friction between the tires of a car and the road, i want cars to fly dammit!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

An down came the curtains...

Ninth June Two Thousand all came to an end. The last paper of engineering being Distributed Computing, which went off reasonably well, my engineering has come to an end (hopefully!).

So, thats it folks...The end, l'extrémité, das Ende, l'estremità, a extremidade...whteva u want to call it.

I'll write a more elaborate post tom...

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Jhoom retarded jhoom...

Lol, i can't believe what im gonna say..I actually like that song; Jhoom from the movie Jhoom barabar jhoom.

Actually, its not that i LIKE it per se. Its more that when Shanker Mahadevan sings "Jhoom barabar, jhoom barabar, jhoom barabar..jhooom" sends me into some weird trance of sorts. Its like i could keep lisning to that verse over and over and over again.

Apart from that...everything about the movie/song sucks LOL! (No i havn't seen the movie..heck, i don't even know if its been released)..seriously, DANCE, PROPERLY DANCE...thats a name of a movie!..with Amitab Bacchan dressed up like the GAY look alike of captain Jack Sparrow, sheeesh!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Storm, Earth and Fire, heed my call!!...


Well when mother nature gets pissed, she sure knows how to make it KNOWN. The monsoon hasn't really got going in Mumbai as of yet, but yea...signs of its impending arrival are everywhere...even in my buildings compound...ON MY CAR! :p

Exhibit A:

A nice car (our car! :))

Exhibit B:

A nice car again...but this time..much more ECO-FRIENDLY! :D

I can only wonder what the rest of the monsoons gonna bring with it...

Luckily, nothing happened to the car, not even a scratch. Some massive winds uprooted the tree which fell on a wall, thereby its load being borne by the wall and not the car.