Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bulla ki confused!

/*Rant mode ON...

Way before I even landed, I knew people had a lot of choices...for everything in the USA.

Be it underwear, where you get to choose from polka dotted in cotton to the Mona Lisa imprinted in some funky new material which costed $5.613 Million to research and develop (and everything else in between) or the choice between a mocha in delicate white chocolate/mint/dark chocolate/cream/chocolate sprinkles/other unpronounceable sauces and ice cream with 136 different toppings/additives/sauces ...choosing something is positively headache inducing, even if you have etched exactly what you want on your forehead.

I mean, it's good if customers have a collection of competing items to choose from...but it's not good to have to sit and prepare an Excel worksheet everytime you want to go buy shampoo! Pert Plus - Shampoo, shampoo with light conditioner, shampoo with medium conditioner, shampoo with heavy conditioner, shampoo for coloured hair, shampoo for grey hair, shampoo for soon-to-be-grey hair..4Oz..8Oz...12Oz...20Oz..33.21Oz bottles..Pull-push cap, dispenser cap, squeeze-it cap...Jesus effin christ! And to add to this, the almost squint-inducing number of rebates and moronic offers: "Buy a shampoo and a chocolate doughnut between 1 and 3PM at our Fairfax store and get 50 cents off your next purchase, if the total cost of the purchase is more than $23.75. Plus! Bonus! Mail in your bill and purchase invoice and we will give you an additional 75 cents off the next bottle of foot powder you buy!" not need to master some spreadsheet software before you even DARE venture into the American retail jungle. And this is not even including the online shopping part of it. Seriously, that's best left for another day and another time.

And it's not just shopping that'll make you age faster than Bordeaux wine! Since the last 1 month, i've been scratching my head trying to decide what courses to take up, with which professor, in which what time! :| 0_O

..Rant mode OFF*/